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1000 Questions For Couples Review – Legit Marriage Advice?

This is a 1000 Questions For Couples review.  If you’re trying to get to the official website for 1000 Questions For Couples, you can get there by clicking here.

In this 1000 Questions For Couples review, we’ll take a look at this at this book by relationship expert Michael Webb and give you an honest opinion of whether it’s worth checking out or not.  We’ll also give you some pros and cons, to help you make a decision.  First, a little background info.

This book is meant to help save relationships by, as the title would suggest, listing a ton of questions that should be discussed with you and your significant other.  According to Michael Webb, approximately 83% of divorces could be prevented if couples only knew the right questions to ask each other along the way.  This is a shocking statistic, and while there’s not much proof to back that number up, the theories make a lot of sense after reading this book, we don’t doubt that it’s true.

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So how about the questions in this book?  We’ll tell you off the bat, these questions aren’t a walk in the park.  They’re tough, but important things to ask your significant other, that may seem uncomfortable at the time, but in the end will bring you closer together.  Some of the questions are serious, others are funny, and others are great first date conversation pieces.  The questions in this book are great for helping to figure out what both you and your significant other are looking for, and in the process will help to answer some questions of your own.

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Overall, we really enjoyed reading 1000 Questions For Couples.  The only cons we saw were that some of the questions seemed completely irrelevant, but of course that is all circumstantial with the relationship.  What may apply to some may not be relevant for other couples and vice versa.  This book is great for anyone who’s just started a new relationship, a long-time married couple struggling to keep the flame alive, or anyone in between.  It also comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, so you can always send it back if you’re not completely satisfied.

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1000 Questions For Couples by Michael Webb