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Amazing Cover Letters Review – Legit Software Or Waste Of Money?

This is an Amazing Cover Letters review.  If you’re looking to go directly to the official site for this product, you can click the following link to get there:

Amazing Cover Letters site

When it comes to landing a new job, one of the most important things interviewers look for is an impressive cover letter.  We all know what the point of a cover letter is, but writing one is a whole other battle.  Amazing Cover Letters is a product aimed to help you put together a great cover letter, regardless of the industry you’re in.  But is this product actually worth the money?  Check out the rest of our Amazing Cover Letters review to see what we think.

Amazing Cover Letters is essentially a two-step program.  The first part teaches you the key elements of a cover letter.  They show you some of the best sample cover letters we’ve seen, and point out exactly what elements help make it so great.  We found this part very helpful, as knowing exactly what makes up a great cover letter is extremely helpful.  After looking at a bunch of the examples they show, you start to get it.

Amazing Cover Letters examples

Part two is writing the letter itself.  This tool gives you exactly what you need to write the perfect cover letter, and even gives you different styles to cater to specific job markets, positions, or even generic jobs with no position listed.   The software then allows you to get even more specific by optionally selecting how many other people are interviewing for the position and your experience level for the position.  At this point, Amazing Cover Letters generates the cover letter for you.  After that, you can either use it as is, but we recommending touching up on it to make it a little more personal.

Amazing Cover Letters samples

We hope you found our Amazing Cover Letters review helpful.  This software makes writing the perfect cover letter incredibly easy and quick.  The samples they show you along the way are top-notch and the examples on the site sum it all up.  The only downside with this product is it’s currently only Windows compatible, so if you’re on a Mac, you might have some trouble downloading the software.  This product also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

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