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DUBturbo Review – Legit Music Beat Maker or Scam?

This is the DigitalProductWeb DUBTurbo review.  In this review, we will take a look at the popular beatmaking software to see if it is worth buying.  If you landed here by mistake and were looking for the official DUBturbo site, you can get there with this link.

DUBTurbo has quickly become one of the most popular types of music software, and is aimed at musicians of all levels, from a young musician looking to make some music in his or her bedroom to an experienced producer looking to create some studio quality beats.

This DUBTurbo review was a positive experience overall.  The interface for DUBTurbo is really sleek and professional.  It has the feel of a real professional studio, but is virtualized and easy to navigate.  You can use up to 16 tracks at once, with any combination of mic, keyboard and drums.  Within the keyboard and drums there are so many effects and ways to manipulate the sound that it’s a little bit overwhelming.

Check out the DUBTurbo interface here.

Any beat making enthusiast or someone looking to get into production will find a lot to like about DUBTurbo.  This DUBTurbo review feels that this software is especially useful  for Hip Hop, Techno, Rap, and House music.  A Rock or Jazz musician would probably not find as much use for it, unless they were looking to broaden their horizons and have some fun by blending sounds from different genres.

Free demo video of DUBTurbo in action.

We will end this DUBTurbo review with a few parting words.  Compared to similar music software like Pro Tools, Logic or Cubase, the price is significantly lower with DUBTurbo.  The price varies depending on the deals they’re having and the package options, but we’ve seen it range from $137 all the way down to $29.95.   If you’re comparing this to the amount of money you’d spend otherwise, the savings are unquestionable.  Having a 60-day money back guarantee doesn’t hurt either.

DUBTurbo download page here.

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