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Earth 4 Energy Review – Honest Solar Panel Guide or Scam?

Welcome to our Earth 4 Energy Review.  If you were looking to go to the Earth 4 Energy website, you can click here.

So, what exactly is Earth 4 Energy?  This product is aimed at giving people step by step instructions to make wind turbines and solar panels, thus allowing you to generate your own power.  As opposed to a traditional solar panel installation by professionals, which can cost over $20,000, Earth 4 Energy claims that you can build solar panels yourself for under $100.  With such a drastic price, difference, it seemed too good to be true, so we conducted this Earth 4 Energy review to get to the bottom of it.

The official Earth 4 Energy website.

Michael Harvey, the co-founder of Earth 4 Energy, claims that by following their easy to follow instructions, you can help save environment while drastically lowering your electricity costs.  There is an informational video on their website which helps explain exactly what you need to do in order to get started and go green.

Informational video here.

The instructions with Earth 4 Energy are straightforward, and we believe you don’t need much experience with do it yourself projects in order to get started.  That being said, there are definitely some tools you will need prior to beginning, but nothing you wouldn’t find in the common tool shed.  Earth 4 Energy comes with a “Solar Calculator” which is useful in letting you know how many panels/battery size you’ll need in order to power your home.

We believe in solar power and wind turbine energy, and think it’s the wave of the future.  The Green movement is becoming more popular than ever, but the one thing stopping many people is the high cost.  At less than $100, you can get started and create your own solar panels, drastically reducing your electricity cost in the process.  If you are interested in Earth 4 Energy, we would recommend starting small and setting up 1-2 panels (based on the size of your home) so you can see the results for yourself.  If you complete the solar panel installation properly, you’ll be generating your own power in no time, although you’ll have to add more panels to go completely “off the grid.”  Start small and decide for yourself if you’re happy with the results.  If not, you can always return this product within 60 days for a full refund, since the payments are processed through Clickbank.

Earth 4 Energy product download.