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Eat Stop Eat Review – Brad Pilon Scam?

The following is an Eat Stop Eat review.  If you’re trying to get to the official website for this product, you can get there by clicking here.

Eat Stop Eat is a diet program that claims to help you lose stubborn body fat while maintaining your metabolic levels and preserving lean muscle.  We’ve all heard claims like this before, but what makes this program different is that it’s mostly diet-based as opposed to fitness-based, and doesn’t involve a whole lot of work to see results.  The diet plan is really simple, and you don’t have to constantly worry about what you’re eating.  You can still eat some of your favorite foods (albeit occasionally) and still lose weight.  On paper, this all sounds pretty good, but does this program actually yield results?  Turns out, it does.

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In general, any time we hear the term “loophole” with a product, we think it might be a scam, but Eat Stop Eat creator Brad Pilon has truly exposed an amazing way to lose weight without the normal exercising and strict dieting.  So you probably want to know exactly how this diet works.  The concept is straightforward and involves intermittent fasting.  The idea is that you fast at strategic periods throughout the day/week, which of course cuts down your weekly caloric intake.  By fasting at the right times, however, your body doesn’t go into hunger mode, so it’s really not too hard.  No need to constantly count calories with this diet, just follow the intermittent fasting schedule and you’re going to see results.

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We’ll end our Eat Stop Eat review by mentioning the several packages available.  There’s a basic, deluxe and advanced option currently priced $39.95, $57 and $77, respectively.  You’re best off getting the basic package, as the only difference between basic and deluxe is a protein muscle-building guide.  It’s a helpful 121-page guide, but only if you’re looking to build up muscle while you diet.  The advanced package also comes with audio files, interviews and the 25 page guide, “The 10 Day Diet Solution.”  All three packages come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

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