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Forex Megadroid Review – Does the Trading Robot Work?

Welcome to our Forex Megadroid review.  If you’ve reached this page in error or just want to go to the Forex Megadroid site, you can get there by clicking here.

If you’ve done your research on automated Forex software, then you probably have heard about Forex Megadroid.  This software relies on the RCTPA robot, a supposedly revolutionary system that owners John Grace and Albert Perrie have created.  These guys say they have over 35 years experience combined, but at the end of the day, we’re only concerned with the results.  There is no doubt that this is a system catered to people who don’t have time to be scrutinizing their trades all day long, as it’s an automated program.  Read more of our Forex Megadroid review to find out if it’s actually works.

Forex Megadroid product website.

This program definitely has its pros and cons.  Like we previously, stated, it’s an automated system, which will allow you to get on with your life as the Forex Megadroid makes trades for you all day.  One downside is you can only trade using two types of currencies; the EUR and USD.  If you’re only looking to trade using only these two currencies, then it’s not such a big deal.  One other issue we had with product is that you need to keep your computer on while the software is running, but we suppose that’s to be expected since it’s not a web-based system.

What about the pros?  Well, at only $97, it’s a great deal and the whole thing only takes about 5 minutes to set up.  We recommend reading the instructions first so you truly know how to use the software, but it’ll be up and running on your computer quickly if you’re eager to get started.

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We’ll end our Forex Megadroid review by saying that this is a pretty good foreign exchange robot.  You’re not going to become rich overnight using it, but over time, you can definitely see some nice returns.  Most of these systems tend to take time to show results, and the RCTPA robot from Forex Megadroid is no different.  We’d say start out with a small amount of money and see how it works.  Since the product is sold through Click Bank, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can decide if the returns are worth it after a few weeks.

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