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Illusion Mage Review – Legit 3D Animation Tool or Scam?

Welcome to our Illusion Mage review.  If you are looking for the official site for Illusion Mage, you can click here to get there.

Have you ever wanted to make your own high tech 3D animations or other type of digital animation?  Any artist is most likely impressed with where movies and television has gone, and 3D animation seems to be here to stay.  Kids movies are rarely cartoons at this point, as our youth has left behind classic Disney films and instead demand cutting edge Pixar 3D animation films.  Many artists are looking to learn more about this relatively new phenomenon, and one product that aims to help you get started is Illusion Mage.

More information on Illusion Mage here.

We have written this Illusion Mage review to let you know if this product is legit or if it’s just a money making scam.  We have no experience with 3D animation, so we were ready for an uphill challenge.  You learn pretty early on about the product creator, Seth Avery, who has clearly done his research on 3D art.  Not that we have worked with 3DMax or Maya before, but most of Illusion Mage users claim this software is better than those.  There is also a 6 hour instructional tutorial, which we found incredibly useful and informative.  Regardless of your experience level, this tutorial is worth watching, as you learn everything you can possibly do with this software.  It’s also worth noting that the interface of this product is well styled and easy to get a hang of.

Product screen shots and tutorial here.

Our Illusion Mage review will end by saying that we endorse this product for anyone looking to take up a hobby or anyone looking bring their passion to the next level.  Illusion Mage is a powerful tool that can help you create Pixar quality animations from the comfort of your home.  One great thing about this software is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you can try it out with no strings attached.

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