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Jamorama Review – Good Guitar Lessons or Scam?

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Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few products out there claiming they can teach you to play guitar.  Jamorama is the newest one that caught our attention after we heard some pretty good things from friends and what we read online.  Sure, we could believe that this step by step program could work for some people, but a product that can teach anyone to play guitar is another thing.  We’re writing up this Jamorama review to let you know if this product actually works.

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Let’s go through the pros and cons of this product.  After downloading Jamorama we were presented with a huge number of files, which ended up being about half a gB of memory.  That’s a decent amount of memory to take up on your computer, but it makes sense since there’s a lot to take in when learning to play the guitar.  Each lesson is an interactive video, which is essentially like having someone right there with you, except you can pause and rewind as many times as you like.  No need to feel rushed or embarrassed with your pace of learning like so many people do with a private instructor.

One great thing about Jamorama is how it has lessons for people of all experience levels.  I imagine beginners are most likely to use this, but there’s also a ton of lessons catered to intermediate and advanced players.  Probably our favorite thing about this program is how thoroughly they cover the theory behind different scales and chord progressions.  Anyone can teach you different chords, but understanding the components of every note is what will eventually enable you to solo and play without thinking.

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We’ll end our Jamorama review by saying we endorse this product.   For the money, this program packs in more lessons than any guitar instructor could teach you in five years (and a small fraction of the price).  It’s definitely a great value and for someone looking to quickly learn guitar, a great way to get started.  Learning the guitar takes some time and you’re not going to see results overnight.  But with dedication and practice, you’ll be playing your favorite songs before you know it.  One other great thing about this product is it’s sold through ClickBank, so it comes with a money back guarantee for 60 days.  We hope you found our Jamorama review useful.

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