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Magnets 4 Energy Review – Easy DIY Solar Panels or Scam?

The following is a Magnets 4 Energy review.  You can continue reading what we have to say below or go directly to the official product website by clicking here.

Magnets 4 Energy is a product that teaches you how to build a magnetic generator, which supposedly can generate considerable amounts of energy to help power your home and subsequently reduce your electricity bills.  When you download Magnets 4 Energy, you’re presented with a DIY eBook explaining how to build a magnetic generator, which is a lot less complicated than it sounds.  Regardless, we wanted to know if a do it yourself magnetic generator could actually be used to significantly reduce electricity costs.  Continue reading our Magnets 4 Energy review to find out if this product actually works.

Magnets 4 Energy product website.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of this product.  The only major downside we see is that building a magnetic generator definitely takes some experience on your end.  If you’ve never soldered before, this is probably something you wouldn’t be so comfortable doing.  You’re going to be dealing with diodes, transistors, switches and resistors, so while the manual outlines the purpose of these things, having some circuit knowledge goes a long way.

With that being said, the electrical diagrams are straightforward and easy to read, regardless of your circuitry experience.  One great thing about this product is the strategies they recommend to help you find the main sources of energy consumption in your home, and the best ways to help reduce those things.  Even if you’re not going to build the magnetic generator, there’s still a ton of useful information that alone could help you reduce energy costs.

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We’ll end our Magnets 4 Energy review by saying that this product exceeded our expectations.  It definitely requires some hard work on your end to get a magnetic generator set up, but following the guidelines of this book will definitely help to drastically reduce your electricity bill and do your part in helping the environment.  Since Magnets 4 Energy is sold through Click Bank, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

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