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Movies Capital Review – Legit Download Library or Scam?

Welcome to our Movies Capital review.   You can go directly to the Movies Capital website by clicking here.

Movies Capital is a service that lets you download an endless number of movies directly onto your computer.  Any movie buff looking for a huge catalog of films to get through could definitely use a service like this.  One of our biggest concerns was the legality of the system, but we quickly learned that the movies they offer are completely legal to download.  The selection of films is pretty large (over 10,000 movies) and there are considerably more movies to choose from than your average satellite or on demand service.

Movies Capital download site.

While Movies Capital isn’t the only movie download service out there, there aren’t any others that are offered at such a low price.  At the time of this Movies Capital review, the lifetime membership fee is $39.99.  We all know how quickly $40 goes at the movie theaters or with other premium movie services (HBO, Showtime), so needless to say you get your moneys worth pretty quickly.

There are other cool features included when you purchase Movies Capital such as TV show and music downloads, as well as a guide for setting up a great home entertainment system.  Make no mistake, though; the main reason someone would download Movies Capital is for the 10,000+ movies.  The downloads come straight from Movies Capital’s servers, so it’s a really quick process when you want to start watching a movie.

More information and some movies they offer here.

All in all, this is pretty good service for downloading an unlimited number of movies.  For the money, it’s definitely one of the better options out there, and if you’re looking for a way to legally watch movies on your computer, Movies Capital is worth checking out.  Since the payments are processed through Click Bank, Movies Capital comes with a money back guarantee for 60 days.

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