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Phone Detective Review – Does the Reverse Lookup Work?

Welcome to our Phone Detective review.  You can continue reading about this product below or go directly to the official Phone Detective website by clicking here.

If you’ve reached this page, then you’ve probably had some issues with some unknown phone numbers.  We’ve been there, and trying to find out who a phone number belongs to can often be incredibly frustrating.  After having some issues of our own, we came across the reverse search service Phone Detective, and decided to do a Phone Detective review to find out if this product is legit or if it’s a scam.

Phone Detective site.

The way the reverse Phone Detective works is simple.  You enter a number on their website and it gives you all the information you could want on the phone owner.  Whether you want to know where this person is currently located, their name or address the Phone Detective can provide that for you.  If you go to their website, you can even put in a number to see how it works.

Try it out at their site.

Our Phone Detective review feels that this is a great product that can give a lot of people piece of mind, but of course it comes at a cost.  The Phone Detective offers two types of payment options, either a full phone report for $14.95, or a one-year membership for $39.95.  The latter of course is the better deal, and unless there is one particular number you’re curious about, we definitely recommend the year long membership.  It’s a onetime fee, so you can pay it and not worry about it for the year.  If someone is tormenting you or giving you problems and hiding behind the phone, find out who they are with this product.  Check it out for yourself.

Phone detective signup here.

Phone Detective reverse lookup