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Pro Flight Simulator Review – Is This Game Worth It?

The following is a Pro Flight Simulator review.  If you’ve reached this page by mistake and want to go directly to the official product homepage, you can get there by clicking here.

If you love flight simulation games, then chances are you’ve already heard about Pro Flight Simulator.  It’s one of the most popular types of software of its kind, but as you know, popularity doesn’t always mean quality.  We’re conducting a Pro Flight Simulator review to let you know if this product is actually any good.

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After getting started playing Pro Flight Simulator, it’s pretty clear that this software pays some serious attention to detail, and it truly feels more lifelike than other flight simulator we’ve seen.  All of your favorite planes are included in this game (Migs, F16s, Concords, Boeings, etc) and there are over 20,000 airports in the world to choose from.  To be honest, that number was a little more than we needed, but hey, at least they’re being thorough.  The scenery and terrain is as real as any we’ve seen, and the online multiplayer capability puts it over the top.  A really great feature.   You also get free software updates for life, so as new features are rolled out, they’re sent directly to you.

The only downside we see with this software is the time it takes to download.  Depending on your Internet connection, it may take a little time to download, but that’s because the software size is big.  Once you have it installed, the software runs very quickly.

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We hope you found our Pro Flight Simulator review helpful.  If you’re looking for the best flight simulator out there, then you’ve found it.  As with all products sold through ClickBank, Pro Flight Simulator comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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