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Satellite Direct Review – Legit Streaming TV or Scam?

This is just a Satellite Direct review, not the product download.   To visit the official company site, simply visit this link.  Otherwise, read on for our summary about this product.

Satellite Direct is a service that allows consumers to watch digital satellite TV straight through their computers from the Internet.  One of the biggest benefits of this system is that you a pay one time fee of about $50 (this varies depending on which plan you get, there are also cheaper options) instead of the usual monthly fee that is common with premium TV services like this.

See the Satellite Direct fee structure on the download page.

We’ve always been a fan of the wide variety of programming that satellite TV offers and believe it to be the future of television as the Internet and digital TV fuse into one being.  However, at such a low price, we were skeptical to believe that we could achieve the same level of quality with Satellite Direct.  Readers of any Satellite Direct review going into it with some doubt have every reason to be skeptical too, but will be pleasantly surprised with the picture quality and the wide arrangement of channels.

The reason that Satellite Direct can offer their product at such an affordable price is due to the fact that there’s no setup required, as it’s simply a software program that brings these channels to your computer.  With traditional satellite TV services, you have to have a technician come set up a dish at your home.  Since Satellite Direct runs through your computer, it is all streaming straight from the Internet and therefore, no satellite dish or additional hardware setup is required.  This results in a cheaper production cost for the company and a lower price for you.

What truly wins people over, and one of the strongest points covered in our Satellite Direct review, is how quickly everything is up and running.  If they want it for a sports event beginning shortly or any other major live TV attraction, Satellite Direct Internet TV channels will be up and running within literally minutes. The setup practically runs itself and shortly after, you are granted access to the thousands of channels.

See the channels offered on Satellite Direct TV at the product download page.

One hesitation that some have with this product is  the fact that they want to watch their TV shows on an actual television and not a small computer screen.  Fortunately, connecting your computer to your television set is a very easy process.  You may have to purchase an additional cable to connect your computer to the TV, but this can easily be bought at any electronics store like Best Buy or Radio Shack.  This type of cable is called an s-video cable and usually costs about $15 to $20. Well worth the money spent if you’d like to watch on the big screen.

This product also works for both PCs and Macs now, as they recently launched their Mac-friendly version of the software.  Will we be seeing some iPhone and Android apps for Satellite Direct soon?  One can only hope…

Satellite Direct download page here.