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Sports Betting Champ Review – John Morrison System Results?

This is a Sports Betting Champ review.  Sports Betting Champ is a product that claims to win 97% of your sports bets if you use the program correctly.  Of course, we found these claims to be hard to believe so we set out to do a Sports Betting Champ review to see if this product was for real.

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John Morrison is the self proclaimed “Sports Betting Champ” and on their website, he posts his records for each of the current major sports seasons.  This product is not limited to one sport; MLB, NBA, College Football, and of course, NFL are all leagues which this product claims to work for.   You don’t have to be a sports expert or a sports betting expert to use Sports Betting Champ; it is designed for people of all experience levels.

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When you sign up for the Sports Betting Champ, they send you picks that have the highest probability of winning by their supposed expert analysts.  Whether or not they actually have in-house analysts we were not able to figure out, but we can say that the picks they made seemed to be thoroughly researched.

In our Sports Betting Champ review, we found that the winning rates were definitely not as high as the product claims.  Over a short period, we saw about 68% winning rate, which is not close to the 97% that the product claims, but still a nice rate nonetheless.  Due to the timing of our review, the only sports were able to test out was football and basketball, so we’re not sure how the results vary with baseball, but we’d expect similar results.

Sports Betting Champ official website.

All in all, we finished this Sports Betting Champ review feeling pretty impressed with the product.  The claims that they make about the winning rates may be inflated, but we can see how this system works.  Of course, as with any type of betting, there are always factors out of your control that even Sports Betting Champ can’t factor in, so you should be careful and responsible with how much money you bet. That being said, the numbers and testimonials for the Sports Betting Champ seem to speak for themselves.

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