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Stream Direct TV Review – Legit Channels or a Scam?

You are reading a Stream Direct TV review.  If you stumbled upon us inadvertently, here’s the official Stream Direct TV website.

One of the most popular options out there for streaming television is Stream Direct TV.  This product download delivers shows in HD format onto your computer by streaming over the Internet, and therefore giving you access to your favorite channels and shows instantly.  With technology these days, we could believe that the product existed, but wanted to know if the price tag of $49.95 would be worth the money spent.

Stream Direct TV access page.

After testing the product out for a few days, we were ready to write up a Stream Direct TV review.   We were impressed with the broadband speed of Stream Direct TV and how quickly you were given access to over 4,500 channels after signing up.  We also liked how they cater to your Internet connection strength with different channel quality options.

That said, this product is definitely best for those with high speed Internet access.  One area we felt that Stream Direct TV really excelled was with sports programming.  There is such a wide selection of channels and games (international even) to choose from, which makes getting through Sundays a whole lot more fun.

More about Stream Direct TV via the download page.

When it comes to value, it is tough to argue with the money you save with Stream Direct TV.  Simply put, this is a really good value.  This product costs less than the average monthly cable bill and is only a one-time fee.  You can easily be saving hundreds, if not thousands, based on that alone.  If you’re thinking about trying it out, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a a 60-day money back guarantee with Stream Direct TV, so you can always return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Stream Direct TV download here.

Stream Direct TV with over 4500 channels