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Stream Online Movies Review – Is This Legit or a Scam?

You are looking at a Stream Online Movies Review.  If you can here by accident, here’s the official Stream Online Movies website.

This Stream Online Movies review will focus on the quality of this product, which is used to watch high res movies on your computer, provided you have an internet connection.  Stream Online Movies claims to have over 80 Million movies in their database to choose from as well as the ability to watch your favorite shows, music and online videos.  This sounded too good to be true, almost like a Stream Online Movies scam may be at bay; so after hearing this, we wanted to do a Stream Online Movies review to get to the bottom of it.

In order to use Stream Online Movies, you have to be a registered member, which costs a flat fee of $35.  For the amount of content that you can watch, that is a ridiculously low price.  We paid the fee and got started.  One thing we immediately liked about this product was that you have the option to stream a movie from the Internet or download it straight to your computer.  So it turns out that you don’t need an Internet connection to watch movies using Stream Online Movies, as long as you download the movie first, which takes about an hour due to the large file size of most movies.

Stream Online Movies download information here.

Of course, there are certain downsides to this product.  If you’re going to be watching movies, television shows or anything else streaming, it is highly recommended that you have a high speed internet connection, otherwise the results may appear choppy.   If you don’t have a broadband connection, you can always download the movies and watch them smoothly.  While it’s impossible for us to sift through every movie they have to see if the claim of 80 million movies stands true, there was certainly a big enough selection to keep us believing it.

Stream Online Movies film collection info here.

Imagine that you can watch any movie you could ever want without having to deal with waiting on sites like Netflix or going to your local video store.  For any serious movie enthusiast, Stream Online Movies is probably well worth the $35 one time fee.  There’s no risk either, since Stream Online Movies comes with a 60-day money guarantee.

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