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Truth About Abs Review 2011

Note: This is a Truth About Abs review.  If you’re looking for the actual download page, click here to go there.

For the last year or two, one of the most popular selling weight loss guides online has been Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs.  Should this really come as much of a surprise?  Unfortunately, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight as we age.  We struggle to find the time for exercise amidst our busy schedules and the pounds just seem to pile up as time flies by – unfortunately, our stomachs are one of the first places it hits.

Can we lose that dreaded potbelly and find ourselves looking like we did when we were teenagers?  Well, of course we can; but it obviously takes work to get there.  The name of the game is finding an easy way to discipline ourselves by doing what we can, without driving ourselves up the wall.

The Truth About Abs promises to do just that.

What exactly is the philosophy behind The Truth About Abs?  It’s pretty straightforward:  there’s no magic pill that one can take (without risking damage to your body) that will leave you with rock solid abs like The Situation.  What it comes down to is burning more calories than you consume.  Where Mike Geary’s program comes in handy is by the fact that he gives you a very structured regime that many find easy to stick to.  Not only does he do that, but he teaches you a lot that you’ll likely have never known before.

For example, did you know that there are many foods labeled as healthy that have substances that seriously contribute to weight gain and fat accumulation? You’d be surprised to know what they are.

Learn about this and more on The Truth About Abs download page.

Mike Geary not only tells you which foods like these should be avoided like the plague, but he also shares a handful of foods that do quite the opposite – things that taste great, yet make it much easier to lose the weight you’re seeking to lose.  The suggested food intake schedule that he comes up with WILL get you the stomach you desire if you have the discipline.

While eating healthy is half the equation, that’s not all there is to it.  Your body will only burn off calories if it’s actively moving around during the day.  The stereotypical couch potato is overweight for a reason; when the body isn’t active throughout the day, it isn’t expending the energy that it’s taking in.  This makes weight gain and fat deposits inevitable.

The Truth About Abs shares a number of exercise suggestions and routines, many of which are targeted at benefiting the abdominal area as much as any exercises could.  It’s critical that you make sure to stay physically active if you want to achieve success via this method.  If you don’t, I’d suggest that you don’t buy this, as the program simply isn’t for you.

Learn more about the Truth About Abs exercises suggested by Mike Geary.

When it comes down to it, your chances of losing weight are slim to none if you’re not ready to watch what you eat and ensure that your body gets the active exercise it needs.  This is no secret, which may make many wonder why it’s even necessary to buy a book and course that tells you this.

Well, if you’ve tried to diet in the past, you very well know that the hardest part is discipline.  We need to push ourselves hard, and we often find ourselves fizzling out after a strong week or two.

The Truth About Abs’ biggest strength is the fact that it’s most effective at giving you a blueprint that’s easy and enjoyable to follow.  In doing so, you’ll minimize the chances that your ADD kicks in before you’ve had a chance to achieve your goal.  And with the knowledge that a program will actually help you to get there, we can all agree that it’s worth the money spent.

To sum up our Truth About Abs review, this program should only be bought if you’re serious about getting the results that you want and ready to make a commitment.  If not, don’t waste your money.

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