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Zygor Guides Review – Legit WoW Leveling Guide or Scam?

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft, then you know how valuable leveling guides can be.  If you’re not experienced with World of Warcraft and are looking to get started, then our Zygor Guides review will tell you everything you need to know about this industry leading level guide.

Zygor Guides home page here.

Zygor Guides was created by John Cook and his team of in-house programmers, who have put together the most thorough World Of Warcraft Guide we have ever seen.  The Zygor Guides claim that they will get you from level 1 all the up to level 80 in under 7 days of played time.  The Zygor Guide review officially started at 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night, which probably wasn’t the best idea.

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By the end of our Zygor Guides review, we were at level 65, but we also hadn’t put in the whole 7 days playing time.  It is clear from the get go that the Zygor Guides will speed you through each level and help you become a master of your realm.  One thing we liked about the Zygor Guide is they show a sample video of how their guides work, so we knew exactly what we were in for prior to getting started.

See how the Zygor Guides work by watching a sample video at their site.

This Zygor Guides review felt that overall, this product is worth it.  We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for experts of the game, but for intermediate level players and beginners, it is a lifesaver that will save you too many hours to count in order to move up in levels.  Another plus of the Zygor Guides is that the payments are processed through Clickbank, meaning there’s a money back guarantee for up to 60 days.  Chances are at the end of 60 days with the Zygor Guides, however, that you’ll be at a higher level than you ever thought possible.

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